How I Use Poshmark as a Brilliantly Frugal Side Hustle

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So you want to start Poshmark as a Brilliantly Frugal side hustle. No worries! This post goes through everything you need to know to get started making some extra money to help pay off your debt faster, save up for something fun, or just for extra spending money!

What Poshmark is

Poshmark is a social media online selling Platform app. It allows people to buy and sell clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty items, make-up, pet items, and home decor. Most of the items on Poshmark are used or even vintage. However, there are also plenty of new items (with or without tags) and even online boutiques on the app with new items.

How to get signed up for Poshmark as a Brilliantly Frugal Side Hustle

You can download the free app here. Be sure to enter code DANIELAMCL) when you sign up to get $10 off your first purchase. When you get set up, you are more than welcome to just browse or be a buyer on the app, much like eBay. However, if you do want to start selling items, you can do that right away by clicking the sell button, taking some pictures, filling out the information, and then listing the item.

What to know about Poshmark

People can make offers on your item. You don’t have to accept any offers. Though my personal rule of thumb is to try not to decline offers but to always counteroffer if I don’t like their offer. My theory is that declining an offer isn’t seen as favorably in the algorithm when the algorithm is determining if your items are showing up in other people’s feeds or searches. When someone does purchase your item, Poshmark will send you a label to print in your email. You have to pack the item, print and put the label on the box, and drop it off at USPS or schedule a pickup. Poshmark will take 20% of the sales price for items over $15 and a flat $3 on sales prices under $15, so keep that in mind when you’re listing items.

How to take good pictures for Poshmark

Blank white backgrounds show up in google searches, while other photos usually don’t. So, hang the item on a hanger blank white, or near a white wall if you can to take pictures. If you don’t have that, try flat laying the item on a flat white sheet or poster board. Make sure the sheet isn’t wrinkled or dirty. Don’t take the photo on just your floor. That’s really gross to a lot of people, even if you have really clean floors. You’re better off getting a couple of white poster boards from Dollar Tree to take photos on. You can also take photos and edit out the white background in photo editing apps. I personally don’t bother doing that, I use a hanger on a white wall, but many successful Poshers use editing apps.

How to list on Poshmark

Just click the sell button at the bottom of the screen. Take pictures of both the front and back of the item. Take close-ups of any interesting features on the item (like buttons, interesting patterns, year stamps on graphics, logos, etc). Be sure to take close-up pictures of any flaws. I like to use a ballpoint pen to show the size of the flaw. Also, be sure to take a picture of any tags inside the item – both size and care tags that describe the fabric composition.

Write a good description and title of the item. Include the brand and type of item in the title using as many descriptors as you can such as V-neck, Baseball style, color block, lace, see-through, etc. Include the same in the description as well as any further descriptors you can think of to use for the item. I sometimes like to include how the item could be styled or worn. If you would like to measure your items ahead of time, include the measurements as well. Though, to be honest, I only include measurements when I’m asked for them. Fill out the rest of the fields, such as if it is new with tags, the size, color, etc. Then click list.

How to be most effective with Poshmark as a Brilliantly Frugal side hustle

Share your whole closet to your followers at least once a day. Poshmark just released a new feature that makes this really easy. Just click the tool button at the top right of your closet, then share to followers, then click each item available for sale in your closet (you can click two at a time for speed). Also, be sure to share eligible items to all 4 of the parties every day. You can do this quickly through the new feature as well but click “Share to Party” instead of “Share to Followers”. Be sure to connect and share to your social media, like Pinterest. I get a lot of sales from people who saw my item on Pinterest and click through to buy on Poshmark. Lastly, be sure to share other people’s items as well. Do all of this until you eventually hit Poshmark Ambassador status. You’ll get a lot more followers and interest in your closet when you get that.

What to do when you get a sale

Poshmark makes this pretty easy. They will send the shipping label to your email. Just print the label from your email, wrap the item nicely, put it in a recycled box you have around or in a free post office box. I like to wrap the item in a plastic bag that I saved from online orders I’ve received to my house, then wrap the item in tissue paper, include a handwritten thank you note, and then seal it in a free post office box. Don’t forget to attach the shipping label! Drop off at the post office or schedule a pickup

You can find the free post office boxes at the post office, or you can order them in bulk on You can also schedule the pickup on

The aftermath of Poshmark as a Brilliantly Frugal Side Hustle

Keep track of the money coming in! Redeem it either immediately or on a frequent schedule. Money is not FDIC insured in the Poshmark app so if your account gets hacked, Poshmark has a glitch or Poshmark shuts down or something, that money is just gone. Get it into an FDIC-insured bank account ASAP. Check with a CPA to see when or how you need to report earnings on our taxes.

Figure out what you want to use the money for! We’ve used the money to pay off one of my student loans and now to save for our wedding!

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