Streamer’s 31 Days of Christmas 2022

Growing up, my sister and I got super excited about any themed holiday programming. Especially during the winter holiday time, many TV channels would have special lineups for the entire month of December, sometimes even into January, with a plethora of classic holiday movies and shows mixed in with new content for the upcoming holiday. We recently found ourselves missing that scheduled programming. I switched to streaming long ago and all though many streaming services have “hubs” or special lists for holiday content, it doesn’t feel the same as having scheduled and planned content. Last year, my sister and I decided to make our own “cord cutter’s” schedules for the upcoming holidays. We’re continuing that this year with the Streamer’s 31 Days of Christmas 2021! This year’s schedule is packed full with 31 days of holiday movies from various streaming services, one for each day of the month of December.

The schedule includes movies and TV shows that are available on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime streaming services. If you don’t have access to one of those, feel free to swap out for shows or movies on streaming services that you do have, watch with a friend that does have them, or try a free trial! Just don’t forget to set a reminder on your calendar or phone assistant to cancel before the free trial is over if you don’t have room in the budget for a new streaming service at the moment. (Especially with our holiday spending.)

How to Watch Streamer’s 31 Days of Christmas 2022:

Sign up for a free trial for Disney+ here: (If you plan on keeping it, you can save by bundling your Hulu and Disney+ subscriptions)

You can sign up for a free trial for Amazon Prime here:

Sign up for a free trial for Netflix here:

Get a free trial for Hulu here:

HBO Max doesn’t have a free trial directly through them but check for a free trial for HBO Max through your Hulu account.

Parental Advisory for Streamers’ 31 Days of Christmas 2022

Although many of these movies are family-friendly, not all of them are G or PG movies. The ratings are not included in the schedule. Please check those on the streaming service, use discretion, and monitor content before allowing your children to watch a particular movie on the schedule. Brilliantly Frugal is absolutely not responsible for any children watching content that may not be appropriate for them.

Show Me the Schedule!

Without further ado, the schedule is below! You can also download it here. Also, feel free to screenshot and share this post. Also, be sure to like and share on Instagram. We will be posting the movie on the list every day and update you on when we’re watching. Tag us in your stories of the movies you’re watching! Can’t wait to watch with you!!!!

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